An RO system is the first thing that comes in your mind when you think about consuming pure drinking water. It Reverse Osmosis systems have become the household name and you cannot think about any other substitute for clean water for drinking and other applications. If you have installed an RO system then you definitely know that you need to maintain it for a longer shelf life. Reverse Osmosis water purifier systems are remarkably the best system as they are a good investment both maintenance wise and for obtaining high quality water. In this article we’ll go into the details of how to maintain your reverse osmosis system by considering the three major factors replacing RO filters, changing the membranes, and sanitising your tank.


Change RO filters on a regular basis

One thing that you need to give great significance is to make it a habit to change your filters periodically. There are are basically two types of filters that you need to change after some period of time. For instance the pre and post filters should be replaced in every 6 to 8 months whereas the RO membrane needs to be changed every 2-3 years. In the next topic I will give you brief about why these filters and membranes needs to be replaced


Pre-membrane Filters

To understand why they need to be changed so often you will have to look at what they go through in the RO process. Pre filters are cartridges that comes into action when the untreated water enters the system at first point. Being the first in the process this filter has the toughest job going through the bad water. The pre-filter cartridge takes out the impurities, dust, dirt and other sediments from the water. The things it goes through is the reason why it needs to be changed fairly frequently.


RO Membrane

The RO membrane does the main job with its semi-permeable membrane that takes in pressured water to produce clean drinking water. The reason we have pre filters is that the RO membrane is quite delicate. Without the pre filters the membrane will come in direct contact with the large particles and impurities.

You should aim to replace your membrane every 2-3 years. Depending on your usage and water conditions you should replace your membrane every 2-3 years as we discussed above


Post-membrane Filter

It is an additional filter and if you happen to have one you know that its job is to save the water in your tank from getting stale. If you are looking for water that tastes really good than you should get a post membrane filter  for your RO system and just like the pre filter you need to replace it every 6-8 months.


Sanitizing the system

To maintain your RO water purifier system you need to get it cleaned properly at least once a year by professional. You can opt for system sanitization service that will sanitize your RO system for long shelf life


Keep the exteriors clean

This is one tip that I would like to give you that will help you in the long run. Apart from internal cleaning and maintenance, it is really vital that you keep the exteriors of your RO system clean. Make sure the machine is clean from outside as well as the tap is regularly cleaned keeping in mind the hygenic factor.