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Company Profile

Hi-Tech is the first company dealing with RO systems to be "I.S.O. : 9001:2008, 14001:2004, 18001:2007" certified in 2003 for its Quality Management System and Product design, Manufacturing, Installation and after sales Service of Commercial & Industrial R.O. water treatment plants and Domestic R.O. water purifiers by KVQA. We are certified by C.S.P.O. Gandhinagar, NSIC, as well and have also achieved the NSIC-CRISIL Rating for Highest Performance Capability with Moderate Financial Strength rating SE 1A.

Hi-tech systems started importing domestic as well as commercial Reverse Osmosis-based mineral water plants from USA in 1995. It also began to sell, install, and maintain these systems in the Indian local market. We have the coveted reputation of being the pioneers in introducing reverse osmosis based water purification systems in India. An ever-growing demand for pure drinking water, quality of our product and prompt after sales service took us to incorporate a private limited company and in 1999 Hi-tech Sweet Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was formed. Initially, it consisted of a group of chemical and mechanical engineers and technicians with more than 10 years of combined experience in the design, consulting, and manufacturing of water desalination and purification using reverse osmosis technology. The promoters of this company have a successful track record from diversified fields such as construction, building, finance, plastics, textiles, automobile dealerships, bulk-transport, and petrol pumps.

Hi Tech is a member of the Water Quality Association of USA since 1995 and the Indian Water Works Association since 1999. We are associated with USA and Taiwan-based water treatment companies for the procurement of components and design of commercial RO systems. We boast the title of "National Gold Star Award" and our young and dynamic Managing Director Mr. Vijay Shah is honoured with the coveted "Jewel of India Award" by the International Business Council - Delhi. Mr. Vijay Shah has also been awarded for his contribution in Research & Development and Scientific Design of new and innovative health and hygiene related products and even more recently he was awarded by PRIDE OF GUJARAT in Business Category presented by Shri Dwarkeshlalji Maharaj, Gadipati of Thakorji Haveli, Baroda in presence of Mr. Purushottam Rupala, BJP President, Gujarat in Jan 2008. Over and above these accomplishments, Mr. Shah was recognized with the Rotary International Foundation's PAUL HARRIES FELLOW for the company's contribution towards community service.

Hi-Tech deals with Commercial, Domestic and Industrial RO Systems. It also manufactures packaged RO systems for ground, bore well, well, river and tap water applications in standard capacities of portable water production. The capacities range anywhere from 8 Liter/hr to 50000 Liter/hr and we are diversified in our approach with single, double, and triple tube water filters which come with and without UV attachments as well as softeners and water vending machines in various capacities.

Types Of Services Offered:

Marketing and Supply of:

Mineral water plant based on reverse osmosis technology suitable for bottled water plants, beverage industries, village plants, swimming pools, pharmaceutical industries, textile industries, green houses, farm houses, and poultry farms.

Drinking water filtration systems with and without UV for home use.

Domestic RO mineral water plants for home, office, restaurant, laboratory, clinic, hospital etc.

Water softening plants for hard water for applications like industry, laundry, boiler, soft drink plant, ice factory etc.

Annual maintenance contracts for systems supplied by us.

Supply of spares and components for water treatment industry.

We are able to reach our clientele through 45 direct sales and service centers, distributors, value-added resellers, and 25 dealers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). We cater to clients from the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, New Delhi, Utter Pradesh, Ludhiana, West Bengal, Chhatisgarh, and Himachal Pradesh. We also have an overseas network in Dubai and the Middle East.

Our Presence:

Hi-Tech's purpose is to create awareness about the benefits of RO water to humans and for industrial use. We regularly advertise in local and national newspapers, magazines, yellow pages, telephone directories, on railway platforms, television, internet (websites), road shows, and through reports in more than 200 newspapers nationwide of press conferences through PR agencies and other media.

Why Hi-tech for RO?

The quality of feed water not being uniform everywhere, expertise at the stage of designing the plant is required. Regular routine care by the user and periodical services by a trained technician is essential to the functioning of an RO plant.We have large number of technicians to manage domestic and industrial Ro plants.

ISO certification:

We are an ISO 9001 (2008) standard company in the Design, Manufacturing, Installation and After Sales Service of Commercial and Industrial RO Water Treatment Plants and Domestic RO Water Purifiers.

Marketing Scenario:

Every year 42 crores 40 lacs liters of mineral water is being produced in the world by the mineral water industry. The yearly per capita figure of mineral water consumption in India is 0.5 liters, which is very less in comparison to other countries like USA, which has the rate 140 liters per capital yearly. Looking at these figures, there are tremendous growth prospects for the mineral water industry in India. As per our market research, the demand for pure drinking water will go on increasing.

From March 2002, the Ministry of Health, Govt. of India has announced new bottled water standards. Almost all bottled water plants shall be based on reverse osmosis technology.

In the Year 2005-06, WASMO, Gandhinagar and village Pani Samiti together starting installing an RO plant for the community with an approved grant from the government (90:10) in various schemes.

Studies conducted by health authorities show that 10 percent of urban water source in India is contaminated and 80 percent of human diseases are water borne. Rising population, along with unplanned industrial growth has led to natural resources being polluted.

Previously, DM plants were installed to provide feed water for kidney dialysis plants in hospitals all over India. Recently, The Journal of Indian Medical Association recommends the use of RO water for all kidney dialysis units.

When RO water is used in poultry farms for the raising of chickens, it is found that growth time was reduced by 15% and the life span and survival rate was increased significantly.

When RO water is used for laundry purposes, less detergent is required to wash clothes. RO water helped to preserve color fastness, brightness, and softness of the material.

Restaurants can install RO plants and serve complimentary mineral water to their customers. This will help in the growth of their business to a great extent.

If RO water is used in green houses to feed plants, it will reduce the growth time, less fertilizer is required. The fertility of the ground will be improved and the soil quality is preserved and does not deteriorate over a period of time.

In Metal plating industries, RO water improves the quality of plating, saving precious energy.

RO Water and Your Food:

Water is essential for the cooking of food. If you are using normal saline water to cook food, your food will definitely need more spices. The cooked food will be dull in color, using more inflammable energy. With the use of mineral water cooking, we save money, time, spices, and inflammable gases due to reduced cooking time.

RO Water and Your Skin and Hair

Water does an excellent job of beautifying the skin and hair from the outside as well as the inside. Water is used whenever we bathe, wash our hands or face, or shampoo our hair. For these purpose, the water we use should be soft. When hard water comes in contact with our skin, it leaves behind a white filmy residue which leads to redness and irritation of the skin.Hard water can leave behind minerals in the air that can alter its true color. When using hard water, one requires more soap while bathing. For this reason, it is always advisable to use soft. Shampooing with soft water leaves hair clean and smooth with a lustrous shine.

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