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Automatic Liquid Dispenser SaniClans
Automatic Liquid Dispenser SaniClans
Automatic Liquid Dispenser SaniClans
Automatic Liquid Dispenser SaniClans

Automatic Liquid Dispenser SaniClans

SKU: 2023

Rs 5,499

Hi-Tech Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Automatic Wall-Mounted Sani Clans

·  FULLY AUTOMATIC TO KEEP CLEAN AND SAFE. Built-in smart infrared motion-activated sensor and fully automatic and touch-free operation. No longer need to clean your liquid dispenser and allow cleaning the hands without touching or getting something else dirty. Also good for preventing germs from being spread.

·  ENERGY AND LIQUID SAVING. Single out Max. 2-3ml liquid every time, with adjustable. dilute liquid sanitizer with water 5000ml large capacity storage tank.

·  EASY TO USE. Just put this dilute touchless sanitizer Dispenser on a flat wall, powered by 12 v Dc electricity easy to install. With LED indicator light, more convenient.

·   PREMIUM QUALITY. Made of high-quality ABS material, non-toxic, heat resistance, and anti-scratch, sturdy and durable for years use.

 Easy to installed

- No need for human touch, because of Automation Sensor

- The spray is Mist type /

- Reduction of germs on an individual

- Removing germs with no human touch

Can be Installed 

- Police Station
- Bus Station  
- Hospitals
- School
- Mall
- Colleges
- Industrial
- Private Shops
- Factory's
- Shopping Centre
- Government Office
- Cinema
- Airport's
- Clinic
- Railway Station
- Medical 

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