Hi-Tech Sweet Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Thousands have lived without resources, not one without water. Water is life. And clean water; health. In a planet with 2/3rd of water, a shocking majority has no access to clean drinking water. With the prime objective of providing every life an easy access to the hub of life, Hi-Tech group started Hi-Tech Sweet Water Technologies in the year 1995. From the modest beginnings of a small town- Bardoli, Surat, Gujarat, the company has carved its way right up to the top of the water purification industry over the last 2 decades.

The US based RO technology was somewhat of a monopoly of the country, thus, Hi-Tech started with importing entire purification plants from USA to make them available in India. Realising that door to door sales of the same was not serving enough people, moreover the after sales service, which is an inseparable part of the water purifier industry, was nearly impossible to deliver without access to the spares, consequently the company started importing the machinery spares and components in bulk to assemble them in India. Expanding its reach through the country, Himachal Pradesh and Silvassa became the assembling units. To increase the efficiency and up the cost savings, the company eventually started Backward Integration process of producing all the essential spares required in a domestic water purifier.

As the Reverse Osmosis Technology functions directly using a Reverse osmosis membrane, and compromise on quality was completely out of the picture, the same had to be imported from renowned global brands such as DOW , CSM, Vontron, etc. With time importing became a hassle, the company decided to go completely independent and through constant efforts and contribution towards technological advancements, successfully innovated the entire machinery and hence developed a plant to manufacture the RO Membrane in house.

Constantly evolving to meet the need of the hour has been one of the top priorities and assets of the group. As the business grew and people realised the value of well treated drinking water, the demand for Purifier systems and subsequently the spares shot up at an alarming pace. To keep up with the requirements of the markets and hold the trust of the valued customers intact, Hi-Tech strategized, kept producing more, assembling more and opening up units across the country. The company now boasts of 52 branches producing spares and components in India alone. Which makes the spares segment the highest revenue generating wing of the company. The company now also employs a total of 700 employees, making it one of the biggest names in the industry.

All of our purifiers have Total Dissolved Solid adjuster which helps purifier treat the water as per the quality of supply water and retain salts and minerals as per the universal healthcare authorities standards, thereby making the water not only safe but healthy to drink.

Serving the customers through years of satisfaction and class, by maintaining premium standards of quality, Hi-Tech established an incredible range purification machinery that purifies anywhere between 5Ltrs per hour to 1,00,000Ltrs that not only provides clean drinking water to households but places in need of water such as schools, colleges, hospitals, remote villages etc, that have regular need of water all throughout. Spreading its wings in the world of commercial and industrial water purification, Govt. Projects of water treatment, Community service to provide help to people in areas with no access to clean water, Hi-Tech has set up multiple dedicated units to make a healthier and happier India.

Have a global Presence

With its after sales services par excellence, Hi-Tech has successfully achieved a position second to none in the field of water purification. From domestic purifiers to high end industrial level purification assemblies, Hi-Tech has focused on delivering with a commitment to take care of the product and your requirements and concerns. With a giant network throughout the country, the customers get easy and prompt repair, replacement and any kind of assistance at every doorstep with a motto of- One Hour(to respond)- One Day(to troubleshoot & rectify)- One Time solution. Superior spares, expert technicians, and strict adherence service policy boosts the company towards relationship building through 100% customer satisfaction.