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Formed with the mantra 'Health is Paramount' & synonymous with class, the Hi-Tech group was established in 1995 with the objective of providing the finest of healthcare and living conditions across the country. Pushing the basic water filtration processes available in the country at that time to the next level of advancement, and extensive study & research of the technologies available abroad, Hi-Tech became the very first brand to bring the top of the class- Reverse Osmosis technology to India. While the other brands relied on outdated filtration techniques, Hi-Tech Pioneering in the world of state of the art RO, UV and UF technology, and etched its name as the brand that revolutionized the face of water purification in India.

Industrial water purification project consultant

Hi-Tech manufactures 8 Lph to 1,00,000 Lph Water Treatment Plants

  • State of the art 2,50,000 sq. ft. manufacturing Facility Centre
  • Manufactures RO, UF, UV based water purifiers
  • “Make your own Brand” concept to support other players of Water Industry
  • In-house manufacturing facilities of –
  • R.O. Membranes
  • Filters
  • Counter Top cabinets
  • Plastic fittings
  • Special Designed products -
  • Sea Water treatment systems
  • Iron removal systems
  • De-fluoridation systems
  • Arsenic removal systems

State and central government tenders

Hi-Tech had taken initiative in catering the community-based drinking water projects, since the year 2004 in Kutch area of Gujarat, which is presently having more than 2000 installations. The WASMO initiated Project was swelled with “PRESIDENTIAL AWARD” and appreciated with UN Affiliation. The project with a motto to provide Pure & Safe Drinking Water for the village community. Hi-Tech has successfully completed many such projects in various states including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Karnataka and Kerala.

  • Water Vending Machines with IRCTC (150+ Railway Stations)
  • “Amrit Jal Pariyojna” with PHED Rajasthan (500+ Villages)
  • Rural Drinking Water Project, Punjab (500+ Villages)
  • Panchayat Raj Engineering Dept, Karnataka (300+ Villages)
  • Gujarat WASMO - Program Under Swajaldhara Scheme (500+ Villages)
  • GNFC CSR project in association with District Development Office
  • Tribal Area Sub-plan,
  • Quality Problem Program, Kutch Gujarat
  • De-fluoridation Project with Bharat Nirman Cell – Maharashtra
  • Water Supply & Sanitation organization (WSSO) – Maharashtra
  • Rotary International Donated R.O. Plants for Villages.
  • Kerala Water Authority (KWA) – Kerala

Annual maintenance contract

Hi-Tech assist the implementation of the shelter and infrastructure rehabilitation programmes. Our company explores and advises on general programme issues and the available technical resources (staff, contractors, suppliers, local consultants, logistical support). This is carried out to develop appropriate construction administration mechanisms, with reference to the programme objectives and methodology. Hi-Tech also assists in the overall programme refinement and initial implementation in the field.

The assessment is carried out by our well-qualified experts, complemented by background research, with reference to both recent and current shelter and infrastructure projects. The research is complemented, where relevant, by regional experience in appropriate methodologies and procedures.

Sea water desalination project

The desalination plant consists of seawater RO membranes, pressure vessels, pressure exchangers, high-pressure pumps, pressure filter vessels, electrical, automation and control systems and HDPE pipelines. The project also includes infrastructure for the collection of seawater.
Pre-treatment of the raw seawater mainly contains up to 6.4ppm aluminum and about 50NTU of turbidity, includes coagulation-flocculation, gravity and pressure filtration.
After filtration, the water is pumped to the plant. Furthermore, before being passed through the RO trains the water undergoes preliminary treatments. The water is forced through the RO membranes at high pressure. The membranes retain salts and pass on the desalinated water.
The final water product from the RO system undergoes the post-treatment process. Flavour is added to the fresh water and stored in an underground water tank.
The RO technology of the plant produces 100mld of desalinated water from 273 million liters of seawater.

Genuine spares

A plethora of products and the finest quality of spares provide the most desirable combination of quality and reliability. Brand recommended genuine spares not only increase the life of a product considerably but also prove out to be highly cost efficient in the longer run. The easy to install screw-able filters and extensive guidance plus demo of usage also make the spares replacement makes maintenance easier.
Add life to your product with Hi-Tech Authorized Spares and services and the product will add to your life.

Have a global Presence

With its after sales services par excellence, Hi-Tech has successfully achieved a position second to none in the field of water purification. From domestic purifiers to high end industrial level purification assemblies, Hi-Tech has focused on delivering with a commitment to take care of the product and your requirements and concerns. With a giant network throughout the country, the customers get easy and prompt repair, replacement and any kind of assistance at every doorstep with a motto of- One Hour(to respond)- One Day(to troubleshoot & rectify)- One Time solution. Superior spares, expert technicians, and strict adherence service policy boosts the company towards relationship building through 100% customer satisfaction.