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50 LPH to 2000 LPH DM RO System
50 LPH to 2000 LPH DM RO System

50 LPH to 2000 LPH DM RO System

SKU: dm-ro-system-50-lph-to-2000lph

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Key Features
1. For boilers that generate steam to power turbines, high-pressure boilers and as a result, more complex feed water treatment systems are required. Therefore, in the power industry, demineralized water is frequently used for boiler feed water and steam generation.
2. Deionized and distilled water are utilised in sectors such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to assure product quality and safety.
3. In the power industry like refineries, they also use dm water produced by dm water plant to feed their high-pressure boilers because many higher-pressure boilers necessitate cleaner water with fewer contaminants than some lower-pressure boilers.
4. Demineralized water is utilised as a component in various businesses to sanitise equipment and containers.


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