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MEMBRANE 80 * 40
MEMBRANE 80 * 40
MEMBRANE 80 * 40
MEMBRANE 80 * 40

MEMBRANE 80 * 40

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Rs 40,000 Rs 35,000

Hi-Tech RO Plant Commercial and Industrial RO Membrane 80 * 40

  • Flow Rate : 1000 lph
  • Minimum Salt Rejection : 95% To 99%
  • Hi-Tech 8040 Membrane Suitable For All Industrial Unit
  • Hi Tech is a Member of the Water Quality Association of USA since 1995 and the Indian Water Works Association since 1999                                                                                                                                                                            


      • Restaurants
      • Aquariums
      • Whole House
      • Office
      • Institutions
      • Hotels
      • Hospitals
      • Pharmaceutical
      • Commercial Water Treatment


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With its after sales services par excellence, Hi-Tech has successfully achieved a position second to none in the field of water purification. From domestic purifiers to high end industrial level purification assemblies, Hi-Tech has focused on delivering with a commitment to take care of the product and your requirements and concerns. With a giant network throughout the country, the customers get easy and prompt repair, replacement and any kind of assistance at every doorstep with a motto of- One Hour(to respond)- One Day(to troubleshoot & rectify)- One Time solution. Superior spares, expert technicians, and strict adherence service policy boosts the company towards relationship building through 100% customer satisfaction.