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Sanitizing Booth -Automatic
Sanitizing Booth -Automatic
Sanitizing Booth -Automatic

Sanitizing Booth -Automatic

SKU: 2022

Hi-Tech Sanitizer Spray Tunnel Booth – Corona Disinfection Tunnel – Automatic

In the current COVID – 19 scenario – we all need to be taken almost care without any human touch.  Automatic Disinfectant Sprayer Tunnel or Sanitization Booth or Corona Disinfection Tunnel is a Door and tunnel type attractive design in which two sides enclosed with PVC pipe and the other two sides are open for entry and exit purpose and it is also enclosed with plastic sheets. When human enters in the tunnel or machine at that time sensor which is placed top center and side center senses human body and gives output to the circuit and circuit gets activated and the whole system activates and all 16 sprayers get activated and starting to spray towards the center of the tunnel and all 16 sprayers spray on the human body and it will automatically stop after 5-10 seconds. Because 5-10 seconds is enough for Sanitization. When Sprayer stops then humans can exit from the front side means the exit side. So this machine can sanitize 6-8 humans in a minute 450-500 humans in an hour. we also customized booth spray second as per client required.

- Easy to installed

- No need for human touch, because of Automation

- The spray is Mist type so there will no Stan’s on clothes

- Reduction of germs on an individual

- Removing germs with no human touch

Can be Installed 

- Police Station
- Bus Station  
- Hospitals
- School
- Mall
- Colleges
- Industrial
- Private Shops
- Factory's
- Shopping Centre
- Government Office
- Cinema
- Airport's

- Railway Station


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