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Alkaline Stick
Alkaline Stick
Alkaline Stick

Alkaline Stick

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  • Alkaline Stick

Change Your Water, Change Your Life! With Hi-Tech Alkaline Water Alkalizes Your Body!

A Simple, Convenient, And Portable Device That Changes Tap Water Or Bottled Water Into High PH, Antioxidant, Micro-Clustered, Oxygenated Alkaline Drinking Water. Simply Put This Portable Alkaline Water Purifier Stick Into Your Glass, Bottle, Cup, Or Any Drinking Container With Water And You'll Get Instant Purified Alkaline Water.


What Can This Water Stick Do?

·         Regulates The PH Balance For A More Alkaline Environment For Vitality And Harmony.

·         Reduces Blood Lipids And Lowers Blood Pressure

·         Regulates The Gastrointestinal Function

·         Promoting Human Metabolism, And Enhance Human Immunity.

·         High Dissolving Power Of The Alkaline Water Binds To The Toxins In Our Body Allowing For Efficient Waste Elimination.

·         Protects The Liver From Harmful Effects Of Alcohol And Nicotine.

·         Powerful Anti-Oxidant: ORP Reading Of Below -200mV In About 3-5 Minutes

·         Breaks Down Water Molecules For Better Absorption Of Nutrients And Minerals Through Reverse Osmosis, Oxygenating The Body And Increasing Metabolic Rate.


·         Alkaline Water - Make The Drinking Water To Be Alkaline, Neutralizes Human Body's Acidic Substances And Keep Balance Of The Body System. Maintain A Healthy PH Figure And Protect Liver From The Harm That Nicotine And Alcohol Might Do.

·         Negative Potential Water - Normal Water Will Be Adjusted To Be Negative Potential Water With An ORP Below Than 200mVin About 3-5 Minutes. It Is A Strong Anti-Oxidant Which Removes Free Radicals, Enhances Immunity And Keep Us From Aging.

·         Add Beneficial Microelements - Various Natural Mineral Substances Are Set Out Which Provide Body With Necessary Microelements And Improve Every Organs To Grow Healthy.

·         Energizes Water With Small Molecular Clusters Structure - With Strong Osmosis, Diffusibility And Oxygen-Affinity, The Energized Water Bringing Nutrient And More Oxygen Is Easily Absorbed Into The Body Cells And Easily Takes The Waste And Toxins From Our Body Cells. It Quite Improves Metabolism.


·         The Stick Must Be Put Into Distilled Water, Pure Water, Boiled Tap Water, Bottled Mineral Water And Gently Shaken For Sometime

·         Each Bottle Of Water Can Be Changed Into Negative Potential Small Molecule, "Calcium Ion Activity Of Alkaline Water".

·         Directly Into A Variety Of Cup Container, The Calcium Alkaline Water Generator And The Stick Can Be Put. The Negative Potential Of Small Molecules "Active Calcium Alkaline Water" Can Be Made.


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