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Hi-Tech Membrane 300 GPD

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  • Hi-Tech Honor Award From Water Digest & UNESCO for "Made in India- Best RO Membranes Manufacturer'' in 2015-16
  • Hi-Tech Is the First And Only Made In India NSF / ANSI - 58 Certified Company
  • Hi-Tech Membrane Is Designed To Purify 20% More Water At High Rejection Of TDS.
  • Each Membrane Is Require To Meet Our Factory's Strict Performance Criteria Prior To Shipment
Specification: Minimum salt rejection:98% Permeate flow: 300GPD Diameter: 3 inch Length: 12 inch Testing pressure : 65 psi Testing temperature: 25 °C PH value of testing solution: 6.5-7.5 Concentration of testing solution:1000ppm Recovery rate of single membrane element: 10% Max feedwater temperature : 45 °C PH value range of feedwater: 4-11 Max NTU of feedwater: 1 Max SDI of feedwater: 5 Max concentration of free chlorine:0.1ppm
Color White
Model TW30-3012-300
Others Specifications
Min Salt Rejection 97% - 98%
Permeate Flow 300 GPD
Diameter 3 inch
Length 12 inch
Testing Pressure 70 psi
Testing Temperature 25 °C
pH Value of Testing Solution 6.5 - 7.5
Concentration of Testing Solution 500 ppm
Recovery Rate of Single Element 15%
Max Feed Water Temperature 25 °C
pH Value range of Feed Water 6-7.5
Max NTU of Feed Water 1
Max SDI of Feed Water < 5
Max Concentration of Free Chlorine 0.1 ppm

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